WeightFix is a fully supported Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis programme to help you lose weight AND the emotional reasons behind the weight gain so the weight stays off permanently.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis was developed over 10 years ago and has helped thousands of people to lose weight permanently.   A safe non-invasive alternative to surgery with no unpleasant side effects.  WeightFix Virtual Gastric Band differs from most virtual gastric band programmes as it focusses on the emotional reasons for your weight gain.  The causes of emotional overeating are normally rooted somewhere in our past.  With WeightFix we help you:

  • Stop trying to control the food you eat and start being in control of why you eat it.
  • Treat the CAUSE of your excess weight not the SYMPTOMS
  • Resolve the emotions behind emotional eating
WeightFix uses  Psychotherapeutic methods underpinned with traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) plus a range of modern therapeutic techniques such as Kinetic Shift and Blast Technique EMDR to help you achieve permanent weightloss.
The WeightFix Gastric Band Programme is different because:
  • WeightFix addresses and resolves the emotions behind the emotional eating
  • We treat the CAUSE of your excess weight not the SYMPTOMS
  • You are fully supported not just for the initial sessions but until you no longer need us.
If you eat emotionally you’ll recognise the times when you tell yourself you want to lose weight or be slimmer whilst simultaneously eating chocolate or crisps  or finding yourself overeating even more than normal within hours of making a firm decision to lose weight.
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These are some more common signals of Emotional Eating:
  • You eat in response to how you’re feeling – happy, sad, stressed, bored, angry etc.
  • You tell yourself you’ll only have a little bit but find you can’t stop eating
  • You seek comfort in food –  the cake or pie will make you feel better even though you know it’s not true.
  • You use emotional words to describe food and eating, like sinful,  guilty, naughty but nice love, craving, tempting etc., even though food is a non-living thing, incapable of feelings nor returning your love/hate.
  • You eat when you are full.
  • You think about what you will eat next even when you are full.
  • You eat to feel happy.
Many people who have suffered past trauma or who are suffering with anxiety or stress now eat emotionally.  Eating numbs the feelings in our bodies so we don’t have to think about sad or bad things that happened.    It’s normally an unconscious behaviour that we learnt in the past and don’t know why we do it.  It affects men as much as women in the same way.
The reasons for emotional eating tend to be buried in our past and until these reasons are identified and resolved any weight loss tends be regained and people end up losing the same few pounds many times over yet remain obese.

Imagine your emotional overating as a weed.  You can keep cutting back the leaves but until you get rid of the roots the leaves keep growing back, normally stronger and thicker.  The WeightFix Programme removes the roots of your emotional eating so it can’t grow back.  As long as you follow the guidelines given this results in permanent weight loss