My Services

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Complimentary consultation

Free phone or video call consultation to discuss your needs and decide if you would like to work with me.


15 minutes

Individual MindFix Hypnotherapy

For clients experienced in hypnotherapy wishing to re-establish anchors for previously treated unwanted habits, behaviours or other therapy


1 hour

Individual PainFix Pain Elimination

For rapid subconscious pain elimination


30 minutes

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Trauma & Anxiety therapy and treatments

Treating the effects of historic child abuse, recent trauma and abuse including Anxiety disorders, pain, PTSD, lack of confidence or self-esteem, Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder (DID/MPD) etc.

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2 session package

First session is 90 minutes followed by 1 hour sessions


2.5 hours

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4 Session Package

First session is 90 minutes followed by 1 hour sessions


4.5 hours

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6 Session Package

First session is 90 minutes followed by 1 hour sessions


6.5 hours

WeightFix Virtual Gastric Band Programmes for people who eat emotionally.

Stop trying to control the food you eat and start being in control of why you eat it.  WeightFix treats the CAUSE of your excess weight not the SYMPTOMS

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Classic Virtual Gastric Band Programme

Pre-treatment recording, 4 face to face sessions over 6 weeks and 4 personalised recordings between sessions.


4.5 hours plus 4 recordings

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The Premier Flagship Programme

Pre-treatment recording, a minimum of 16 sessions including 8 face to face and 8 recorded recorded sessions plus monthly telephone or Skype sessions over the first 6 months and continued online support up to 12 months


Minimum of 8.5 hours plus 8 recordings

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Classic Bridal Weight Loss Programme

All elements of the classic programme with additional support and face to face sessions up to your wedding day.


variable from 4.5 hours upwards plus recordings

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Bridal Parties

Prices according to the number of people in the party.  Mix and match any of the programmes for your bespoke bridal party programme.

Price on Asking


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WorkFix Corporate Workshops

Please contact for details.

Full or half day workshops

Ring 01892 826187 or 07843 991914 for booking enquires.

What payment options are available?

LifeFix Therapies accepts payment via bank transfers and PayPal. Monthly or fortnightly PayPal payment plans are welcomed and can be arranged . This can be discussed during the initial phone consultation. Payment is due on booking.

What is your re-scheduling policy?

We understand that our patients are busy people, so we help where we can. To be fair and reasonable, we ask that you respond immediately if you can’t make your appointment to enable us to re-schedule an appointment and fill the vacant hour.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. The full fee will apply if we do not receive details of cancellation or rescheduling 24 hours prior to the booking.

Online Consultations Available

For suitable conditions we provide Online Hypnotherapy Consultations via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video and Messenger. Please contact us to discuss your options.

We are always interested to hear from anyone who wishes to get in touch with us. Please fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you soon. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the message was sent.