Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

The WeightFix Gastric Band Hypnosis Programmes

The Non-Surgical, Drug Free and Risk Free Permanent Weight Loss Programme for Emotional Eaters. A fully supported programme to help you lose weight AND the emotional reasons behind the weight gain so the weight stays off permanently.

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?
  • Fed up of losing  weight then putting more back on?
  • Do you dream of being in control of your food choices?
  • Do you need support to achieve your goals?

I’m here to help you.  Personalised 1:1 hypnotherapy programmes designed to suit your needs.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis was developed over 10 years ago and has helped thousands of people to lose weight permanently.   A safe non-invasive alternative to surgery with no unpleasant side effects.  WeightFix Virtual Gastric Band differs from most virtual gastric band programmes as it focusses on the emotional reasons for your weight gain.

WeightFix uses  Psychotherapeutic methods underpinned with traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) plus a range of modern therapeutic techniques such as Kinetic Shift and Blast Technique EMDR to help you achieve permanent weightloss.

Why you should consider the WeightFix Gastric Band Programme  

  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis has a 95% success rate  – higher than surgical gastric band procedures!
  • No post surgery side effects, No scars,  No pain or need for medication
  • No risk of blood clots, infection or death!
  • Eat real food – not soups or blended meals
  • No long hospital waiting lists
  • A fraction of the cost of the surgery price.
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WeightFix is a fully supported Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis programme to help you lose weight AND the emotional reasons behind the weight gain so the weight stays off permanently.

Weight loss Hypnosis Programme by LifeFixWhen we desperately want to lose weight and can’t it is often because we are holding onto emotional baggage from our pasts. Our relationship with food is formed from our life experiences and goes right back to our childhood. Losing weight can be easy but keeping the weight off long term needs help and support.

If you eat emotionally you’ll recognise the times when you tell yourself you want to lose weight or be slimmer whilst simultaneously eating chocolate or crisps or finding yourself overeating even more than normal within hours of making a firm decision to lose weight.

These are some common signals of Emotional Eating:

  • You eat in response to how you’re feeling – happy, sad, stressed, bored, angry etc.
  • You tell yourself you’ll only have a little bit but find you can’t stop eating
  • You seek comfort in food – the cake or pie will make you feel better even though you know it’s not true.
  • You use emotional words to describe food and eating, like sinful, guilty, naughty but nice love, craving, tempting etc., even though food is a non-living thing, incapable of feelings nor returning your love/hate.
  • You eat when you are full.
  • You constantly think about what you will eat next while you’re eating.
  • You eat to feel happy.

The reasons for emotional eating tend to be buried in our past and until these reasons are identified and resolved any weight loss tends be regained and people end up losing the same few pounds many times over yet remain overweight. It’s normally an unconscious behaviour that we learnt in the past and don’t know why we do it. It affects men as much as women in the same way.

Imagine your emotional overating as a weed. You can keep cutting back the leaves but until you get rid of the roots the leaves keep growing back, normally stronger and thicker. The WeightFix Programme removes the roots of your emotional eating so it can’t grow back. As long as you follow the guidelines given this results in permanent weight loss.

Are you an emotional eater?

  • Do you keep saying you want to lose weight yet stay the same weight or get heavier?
  • Do you eat more as soon as you decide you want to lose weight?
  • Do you find yourself eating when you’re sad, happy, bored, feeling lonely?
  • Do you eat when you don’t want to to avoid upsetting other people?

When we desperately want to lose weight and can’t it is often because we are holding onto emotional baggage from our pasts. Our relationship with food is formed from our life experiences and goes right back to our childhood. Losing weight can be easy but keeping the weight off long term needs help and support.

No other hypnotherapy weight loss programme offers this level of support.

We believe that no other hypnotherapy weight loss programme offers this level of support.

What are the WeightFix Gastric Band Hypnosis Programmes and how does it work

It is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique using the power of Hypnosis to convince your brain that your stomach is much smaller and that you are full after eating much smaller portions of food. No foods are banned but you will want to choose healthy more nutritious food instead of the foods that put weight on.

How does Gastric Band Hypnosis work?

In almost all cases the cause of being overweight long term and having an unhealthy relationship with food is rooted in your background and often goes back to childhood.  No one is born overweight and as a baby we stop feeding when we are full so overeating is a learnt behaviour.

Most people who have been overweight long term know exactly what and how much they  should eat and often have extensive knowledge of nutrition and calories so simply saying one should eat less of then bad stuff doesn’t help.

In some cases habits  are learnt though simple actions such as ‘you can have an ice cream when you’ve finished your dinner’  or ‘think of all the starving children in Africa’   In other cases it may be a coping mechanism as part of depression, anxiety,  past trauma or personal hurt.  Very few people who struggle with their weight eat only for hunger.

The dialectic questionnaire helps you to think deeply about your eating habits and your bespoke treatment plan is based on your answers and discussions in consultation.

The programme aims to help you learn to be satisfied on smaller portions of nutritious food.  The Virtual Gastric Band is utilised help you recognise that ‘full signal’ so you stop eating when you are full.   No foods are banned, nothing is restricted as this only leads to feelings of depravation and results in eating more to make up for the perceived loss.  This is NOT a diet!

Using hypnotherapy and psychology helps re-train your brain and form new neural pathways which then creates new permanent healthy eating habits.

Depending on the chosen programme you will receive between 4 -8 face to face sessions and with personalised recordings between sessions.

We use the information gathered in the consultation and questionnaire to create personalised hypnosis and psychotherapy sessions which begin to address your emotional reasons for overeating.

Your weight and other health measurements including body fat percentage are taken. Tips on nutrition and healthy eating are also shared when required and individual food preferences noted.  We can arrange for a blood test at a local private hospital to measure your total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and fasting blood sugar levels at an additional cost should you wish to choose this option.

The WeightFix Virtual Gastric Band is ‘fitted’ during a clinical hypnotherapy session.  You will believe you a much smaller sized stomach and will want less food to feel full and satisfied.  Suggestions made in hypnosis help you to choose nutritious food that nourishes your body and lose the desire for fatty, sugary or other unhealthy foods and habits though no food is ever banned and you should never feel hungry.

Post ‘surgery’ you are supported, mentored and motivated as you adjust to your new healthy eating habits. You will continue to lose your unwanted weight safely and steadily. During this time you will have regular hypno-psychotherapy sessions.  At the end of your chosen programme online or telephone support is available within the stated time period.

From day one we address any emotional issues that arise, both the ones you know about and those deeply buried ones that emerge during the course of the programme.

These are normally the real reasons for your weight difficulties, the reason you repeat old harmful patterns despite wanting something different.

This ’emotional detox’ effectively clears out all the unwanted emotional baggage you’ve collected throughout your life leaving you free to move forward and create the new healthier habits that you desire.

Eligibility of Gastric Band Hypnosis

Your BMI should be in the overweight category or above to be eligible for the Classic & Bridal virtual gastric band procedures.

You should have a BMI of 30 or above to be eligible for the Premium virtual gastric band procedure. This can be waived in exceptional circumstances if your GP or medical team have advised you to lose weight for health reasons.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Commitment

You need to be 100% committed to the procedure in order to succeed. Like any training programme or worthwhile activity it requires commitment on your part to follow the programme as directed. The hypnotherapy sessions are designed to make the changes within your brain and belief system which are then re-inforced by other lifestyle changes.

Once you make the commitment you have every chance of succeeding, provided you follow the simple guidelines which include: Attending all sessions, following simple lifestyle guidelines and listening daily to the personalised MP3 audio recordings which re-enforces the work done in the hypnotherapy sessions.

So, if you’re determined to get rid of that excess weight for good get in touch today.

This is what Sarah W from Kent had to say 5 weeks after having her WeightFix Gastric Band fitted.

I’ve lost over a stone so far’
I feel like I’ve got used to the new way of thinking about food, and am comfortable with the choices I’ve been making with what to eat. I’ve even gone off dairy which I used to love in favour of soya products that I’ve never eaten before. My trousers are also falling down so something is happening!’

Sarah W – Kent

All programmes encompass the Classic Gastric Band Programme as a starting point.  This programme is for everyone who struggles to lose weight or keep weight off after dieting.  The premium  programme builds on this programme to include treatment for specific struggles including past traumas.  Brides and Bridal Party Programmes are based on the classic programme with additional support and face to face sessions as you approach your wedding day to help with nerves or specific issues.

Classic Gastric Band Programme

The Classic Gastric Mind Band consists of  4 face to face sessions over 6 weeks.  This is  proceeded with a  pre treatment MP3 recording which helps prime your subconscious mind for your weightloss journey.   Between sessions you will also receive 4 personalised MP3 recordings to listen to based on your own personal needs.  Before your first face to face visit you will receive a copy of the WeightFix Questionnaire which is designed to help you really explore how and why you eat how you do and encourages you to ask yourself the questions you may not have thought about previously and which may at first seem irrelevant.    This document and subsequent consultation help us to create your individual treatment plan.  You are a unique individual so we create a bespoke treatment plan for your unique needs.  the package includes 2 telephone or Skype follow up sessions in the 8 weeks following the treatment.

The Fully inclusive cost of the Classic Gastric Band Programme is £425.00

(Blood tests and analysis including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides, fasting blood sugar (glucose) levels can be arranged at an additional cost).

Premium Flagship Programme

This programme is designed for people who overeat emotionally as a coping mechanism due to experiencing past traumas or traumatic events.

The WeightFix Flagship programme builds on the classic programme and is coupled with a personalised emotional detox programme over six months.

The Premium Flagship package consists of the same pre-treatment recording and questionnaire  followed by 4 face to face sessions over 4 consecutive weeks.  This is followed by fortnightly then monthly face to face sessions up to SIX months.  You will receive a minimum of 8 face to face sessions and 8 recorded sessions plus continued telephone or skype support over the course of 12 months.

The WeightFix Premium Flagship Programme helps you lose your excess weight quickly and the emotional support helps you keep it off permanently as the reasons for the weight gain are resolved too.   We continue to work on the emotional reasons for your overeating with regular hypnotherapy and psychotherapy session.

The premium Flagship Programme spends as much time treating the underlying reasons for overeating as to the weight loss itself. Rather than following a tradtional diet which focusses on restricting food intake we help you overcome the obstacles that keep you overweight and help you form new healthier eating habits. You are helped to see food as nutrition and fuel rather than a comfort blanket or emotional crutch. Weight loss happens naturally at a steady rate and is permanent if you follow the guidelines and remain committed as the old reasons for overeating no longer exist.  The difficulties from your past are processed so they become a distant memory that no longer causes you concern.

If you believe your eating habits are linked to traumatic events from the past then you should seriously consider the WeightFix Premium Flagship Programme to help you release the unwanted weight and the reasons for it.

The fully inclusive cost of the Premium Flagship programme as detailed above is £1,250.00

(Blood tests and analysis including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides, fasting blood sugar (glucose) levels can be arranged at an additional cost).

Brides & Bridal Parties

As if wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough  a study by Cornell University found that 70% of brides want to lose 20lbs on average before their wedding day and many brides to be buy their wedding dress one or two sizes smaller adding real pressure to their weight loss desires.

A Daily Mail article found that:

  • Five million women in the UK lose weight for the big day
    •    More than one in 10 brides are losing four stone or more
    •    57% of women are piling the pounds back on their honeymoon

Many brides to be risk their health with restrictive dieting and slimming pills for the big day yet put all the weight back on after the wedding.

The WeightFix Virtual Gastric Band Programme not only helps you lose the weight in a healthy steady way it keeps it off permanently as it addresses the causes of overeating rather than trying to restrict what you eat.

Slow steady weight loss has been proven as the best approach for permanent weight loss success therefore it is best to begin your weight loss journey up to a year before the big day.

The bridal package consists of the classic WeightFix Programme with additional support and face to face sessions as you approach your wedding day.  You will receive ongoing telephone or Skype support with additional recorded hypnosis sessions as needed between the end of your face to face sessions up to one month prior to your wedding day.

In the month before the Big Day itself you will have a final face to face session to help with whatever you need to make your day the best it can be.  This can be weight loss or you can have help with overcoming nerves, building confidence, reducing anxiety or specific fears such as public speaking or fear of flying for example if getting married or honeymooning abroad.

The fully inclusive cost of the Classic Bridal  programme as detailed above is £595.00

Bridal Parties

It’s not just the bride who wants to lose weight before the wedding.  More and more brides to be are inviting their bridesmaids to join them on their weight loss journey.  The groom and Mother of the Bride often want to lose weight to look their very best on such an important day too.

WeightFix can create bespoke packages for the whole bridal party.  Price is determined by the number of people in the party.  All party members receive their own bespoke treatment plan devised to meet their individual needs.  You can mix and match programmes as required, i.e. the full bridal package for the bride to be and the classic programme for other members of the party.