Survivors of Child Abuse

Free the chains of past trauma, abuse and PTSD

I know why you can’t ‘just get over it’

freedom from abuse

If you are a survivor of child abuse  I’d like to congratulate you for having the courage to seek help, I know that taking that first step requires real bravery.

You have my sincere respect.

  • The good news is that Hypnotherapy and Blast EMDR are two of the most powerful and effective treatments available to help overcome the effects of historic abuse.
  • I can help you be free of the damaging effects of child abuse. It is fast acting compared to traditional talking therapies and the effect is normally permanent.
  • What happened can’t be changed but with LifeFix Therapies you can stop the past affecting your todays and tomorrows and leave it firmly in the past where it can no longer cause you distress.

You really can get your life back and be the ‘YOU’ you always wanted to be.

In my role as a Therapeutic Foster Carer I live with survivors of repeated ritualistic child abuse.

This unique experience has enabled me to create  Trauma Resolution Therapy, a new, focussed approach to working with survivors of child abuse, bringing about fast results without retraumatising the client.

There is life after child abuse, you are not alone.  Freedom from the effects of the past can be yours quickly and painlessly.  You do not have to drag up the past or talk about it to be FREE of it.

Break Free From the Effects of AbuseBreak Free From the Effects of Abuse

  • Break free from that stomach churning fear
  • Learn to trust again
  • Rebuild self-confidence, regain self-worth
  • Be in control of your life
  • No more waiting for something bad to happen to you.
  • Move on with your life

Most therapists learn about Trauma, Abuse, PTSD or Anxiety Disorders from books or in the classroom. I live alongside it in my own home so have a unique understanding of how it really affects a person, what the person having a flashback or panic attack actually experiences rather than what a text book says they experience.

  • This first hand experience enables me to help you overcome the damaging effects of Child Abuse.
  • You don’t need to drag up the past or talk about it to allow yourself to be FREE from it
  • My methods bring fast results without retraumatising you.

“After 3 sessions with Denise my anxiety has completely gone. I no longer worry about going to new places, being in public or doing things spontaneously. Denise is so calming and non judgmental, the way she got me thinking differently about how my anxiety used to determine my daily activities was nothing less than amazing.” – L Williams, Kent

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