Denise was really great, and very calming. I definitely felt that the hypnotherapy had a positive impact on my anxiety.

C Hughes – Kent

I saw Denise after time off work with stress/anxiety following a bereavement earlier in the year.. she truly was amazing!! She helped me to relax, trust her and in turn trust myself to acknowledge underlying thought patterns that affected my well-being. A cynic of hypnotherapy but 100% converted and I know the doors always open if I need to return

L Williams – Kent

So this time yesterday I would of never stepped foot into an interview, after a session with Denise to raise my self confidence that my mum had organised I felt so much better and had been told I am the most professional person he has interviewed for this role! I am over the moon thank you so much!

M Lane – London

I had always been a hypnosis sceptic until I agreed to be a subject to help Denise when she was training. Not any more. She was brilliant. I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous but Denise put me at my ease even before the hypnosis. The hypnosis itself was amazing and I felt so relaxed afterwards. With every session it gets better and better. Thank you Denise.

J Gemma – Kent

Denise, your kindness and sincerity shines through the internet. I’ve only known you through Facebook, as we are an ocean apart, but you have always seemed like a kind and warm person. I don’t give compliments quickly to people I’ve not met, but I must say it seems like you are perfect for your work. I wish great success to you and all the people you are going to be able to help.

H Faith – USA

Denise handles her clients with kindness and thoughtfullness as well as clinical skill. Only one session was required to make a significant and noticeable improvement in behaviour patterns that were in danger of becoming ingrained. Her support before, during and after the session meant that it was not simply the hour in her clinic that was the ‘treatment’. A fully holistic therapist.

L Ames – Kent

I had 3 sessions with Denise. One through Skype. I found the hypnosis really helpful and it has helped me feel so much better about things in general.
Denise has a lovely warm welcoming manor and uses some fabulous techniques.
I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who needs a little help with whatever they are dealing with.

S Gladstone – Kent

Cannot actually put into words what Denise has done for me today… After suffering recent medical trauma and in a very dark place, I had 1 session with Denise and just through video link she has turned every single negative into a positive, and the worries of “what might be” have also disappeared… So early this a.m I take my huge clan on a flight I never thought I’d make…. Denise you really have seemed to work a miracle… Words truly are not enough. Thank you xx

B Flood – Oxfordshire

Denise sent me a bespoke recording to help me achieve focus and relaxation about a major running event I had prepared extensively for, and was nervous about. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Denise for her help – I was incredibly relaxed listening to her wonderfully soothing voice, and was delighted to achieve several great nights sleep in the run up to the race. The sense of focus and relaxation stayed with me during waking hours too – the night before the race everyone commented on how relaxed I seemed. I was! I felt very empowered during the event, which I finished and enjoyed. Thank you Denise.

J Barrett – Yorkshire

After 3 sessions with Denise my anxiety has completely gone. I no longer worry about going to new places, being in public or doing things spontaneously. Denise is so calming and non judgmental, the way she got me thinking differently about how my anxiety used to determine my daily activities was nothing less than amazing.

G Blaker – East Sussex

I’ve had two sessions with Denise, one of which was through Skype. I came to her to help me with my nerves during the build up to two big races. They were also to help me to believe in myself whilst competing in these events. It was unbelievable the sessions completely relaxed me, helped me sleep, taking away a lot of fear and helped me focus and achieve my goals. My last race was a dream for many years, a very brutal race but Denise’s session really did help me get to the finish line!! She made me believe I could do it and I did! Thank you so much Denise you are amazing x

L Wright – Yorkshire

I got recommended to Denise through a friend and it’s completely changed my life. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and had lots of different treatments in the past. When I found out I was pregnant I thought that’s enough I need this fixed as I don’t want to feel on edge for a second longer. I had three sessions initially and didn’t feel a massive change although I knew I was slowly questioning my feelings more. I decided to have a further two and I’m so glad I did. The last time I saw Denise something must have just clicked. I feel like a new person. I still panic and doubt things but I am able to reason and calm myself by breathing properly a lot quicker. I never believed in hypnosis before but now I couldn’t recommend it more. Thank you.

C Clayton – East Sussex

Denise has recently helped me prepare for some very big running challenges. Using a mixture of telephone calls, Skype video calls and recordings she put together a package which really made a difference in the lead up to the event helping me prepare mentally and focusing on the issues ahead.
Previously I’ve struggled in the days leading to the events with worry and nerves. With Denise’s help I remained calm and in control and was able to use tools to focus on staying positive.
Highly recommended and using Skype was a real bonus for me as it meant location is not a barrier to accessing this excellent resource. Thank you Denise

S Sullivan – Cornwall

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